Sunday, May 5, 2013

The week in Tweets

Sunday May 5, 2013

It's been an eventful weekend.  On Friday I was in Julie's livestream as she worked on a new page of Lost In the Vale.  I didn't want to leave, but I got invited to watch Iron Man 3 with my buddy, Ian and his friends.  We headed to his place afterward for a few beers, and some awkward livingroom sleeping arrangements.  Got up hungover and did McDonald's.  My roommate had family & friends coming over for a pool party barbecue.  As usual, I had a lot of fun playing with his sister's kids.  And I got to sleep in today and have all next week off.

This was the week of Comics Alliance getting axed by AOL, International Labor Day, the smallest film ever made:A Boy and his Atom, the beginning of California wild fire season, May the 4th (be with you) and Free Comics Day!

Leigh Alexander's Zone
Fabian Schlaga
Nuriko on deviantart
Zhong Biao on deviantart
Kyle Fewell
Saskia Schnell on behance

This week was very active for me.  I tweeted a lot with Victoria, Julie, Penny, Rachel, Karla, and Jordie.  I got started on Jojolion, and caught up with All Night.  I methodically went through tumblr and bumped up good posts by people I like.  I even did some twitter shout outs.  I found out about the comics Ice Cream Surfer, Unlife, and Kairos.  I read the first chapter of Locke & Key, some of the AVX series, Ghost omnibus, and Squadron Supreme.

At work I had to train a guy to cover my vacation; this was the 2nd week of that.  I took it easy.  I really wanted to watch the Dirty Pair and War in the Pocket DVD's I borrowed from the library but I couldn't get to them for some reason.  The same thing happened with some fanart I wanted to do for  Lost in the Vale, All Night, Balderdash, and others.  I learned about the reporter who got a picture of a baseball almost beaning her in the head, Willie Nelson's fake Lord of the Ring's Gandalf Audition for his 80th birthday, Chelsea Saunders aka Pixellated Cowboy, and sat in one of Amber's streams.  I started reading the Adventure Time comics.  It was just a whirlwind of things leading up to the first weekend of my vacation.  Since I'm tired and frazzled and late here is the week in tweets.

Omelette from Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo.

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