Sunday, April 28, 2013

We've Come too Far to Forget Who We Are

April 28, 2013 2:56am

April is almost done, I am entering the 3rd month in the new place, and the temperature is rising.  This was the week of the NFL draft, social media awareness of CISPA, and the transfer of Dzhokar Tsarnaev into a federal prison.  I learned about Jenny Suk and Jhené Aiko, learned and practiced an arrangement of Frank Ocean's Thinking About You and Chris Isaak's Wicked Game, and prepared for my roomie's sons birthday party on Friday.  It was an emotionally taxing week at home with so much of personal time constantly encroached upon followed by condescension.

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The week started out innocently enough.  Irene Koh's Alba made its way to my eyes.  Nadiezda dazzled me as well.  At work I had to begin training a guy I used to work closely with to cover my vacation in May.  It actually wasn't so bad the first day.  And then Wednesday I was on my own again, and we had a corporate visit and were all asked to stay out till 2pm.  I ended up having to help somebody.  It was Marlo Meekins' birthday!  I drew her a thing.  Butts were ubiquitious this week.

Thursday was pretty tough.  I bought a couple of beers on the way in.  We ran into an old friend from work.  And then my evening was ruined and wasted. Friday was the birthday party and the saving grace for the week.  I get along surprisingly well with my roommate's family.  Had his nephew and niece in my arms jumping on trampolines; had an exhausting, fun time. 

I did my laundry Saturday and read a few issues of Sweet Tooth.  I think I finally got up to the first Emi Lennox story, whom I owe gratitude for introducing me to the series.  When I think back to 2010 when I was still discovering a lot of artists on the web, and trying to get my own art rolling, I get a weird sense of parallel lives across the divide.  This week I also began and finished R.E.D. which was pretty short and one dimensional in comparison to the film adaption.  I read a few pages of the Seven Soldiers of Victory v2, also realizing that I had v2 not v1.  I tried to get into Fringe v1, but it reeked of sardoodledom.  I bought myself an acrylic paper tablet while out shopping for the boy's birthday present.  I finally watched another episode of Strip Search.  I'd like to get caught up with the show today and tomorrow, watch Gundam 0080, and start Jason's What I Did, and The Losers.

Sunday I took a bike ride and wandered around Barnes & Nobles for a bit.  It was a nice warm evening to get out of the house and be on my own.

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