Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dog Ball Day Afternoon

Saturday April 20, 2013

It was an intense, difficult week for America.  On Monday, the Boston Marathon was rocked with two explosions that left 3 dead and many injured.  Through the week law enforcement and the FBI worked on identifying suspects and gathering information, and by the end of the week we were left with a suspect in custody in critical condition and one dead.  A fertilizer plant in West Texas suffered a devastating explosion that left at least 15 people dead and hundreds injured or lost.  In China the H7N9 continued to claim more lives.

Today I woke up slightly hungover.  I had to return Stardust Memory and Myspace DHP v5 today, so I swapped them out for What I Did by Jason, Fringe v1, R.E.D., The Losers, Seven Soldiers of Victory and two DVD's:  Gundam 0080: War In the Pocket and Dirty Pair.  I'd say that's a good haul.

I read another great Sam Alden comic, The Worm Troll.   I learned about David Gaddis & a few other great early web comics creators because of this article about Modern Tales.

Sunday April 21, 2013

Today I woke up at 9:30am.  To shut my alarm off and then sleep for another hour.  We went bowling for my roommate's nieces' belated birthday party and hit up the pizza parlor.  It was a fun day and I love his extended family.  He and his sister make a hilarious duo.  We ended the visit w/ a lazy watching of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  I played with a pitbull and a bunch of kids.  I was pretty happy.  I also bowled pretty well too.  At home I got into an impromptu fanart for Julie's Lost In The Vale comic.  I felt very vulnerable and self-critical about my art and lack of professional accomplishment.  It came out while catching a quick workout with Adam.  Tonight, as Monday rolls in, I can smell hotdogs roasting on a grill a few apartments upwind of me.  I'm going to dissect the week in a second as we head into the last week of April and near the last month of Spring.  Tonight I watched Little Witch Academia!

 Su on deviantart | Lynn V. Wang's Dog Snack Work | exhaustive resource for pixel art | JIA on cghub | Kevin Wada on tumblr | Val Kung on Artigraphy | Betty & Veronica by Brandon Graham and Emily CarrollLittle Thunder spotlight on Meathaus | O Human Star |

On Monday (4/15) I was following developments on the Boston Marathon bombing.  I read a few of those pixel tutorials, and somehow ended up on 4chan.  Then found out about a newer Yoshitaka Amano book, Hero, and pined away for an Android mini-pc. By the wee early hours of Tuesday morning (4/16) I was perusing old bookmarks.  Wednesday (4/17) I spent a ridiculous amount of time and effort trying to set up a windows media center stream over our home network.  I failed.  I'm not sure what happened Thursday (4/18) but I know I didn't get much sleep nor much done.  On Friday 4/19) I was just happy to be done with the work week, so we went on a journey to get some Angry Orchard Cider, barely made it back, and then I drank like a mad man.

This week I kind of buckled under the pressure on completing the t-shirt design for the boy's birthday this next weekend.  It was a week of struggle and uncertainty. Thankfully I had friends to share a laugh with.

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