Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sonic Screw 'em

Smooth McGroove Published on Apr 8, 2013

Monday April 8:  I made fried rice and worked out, then marathoned the final few issues of Uncanny X-Force v1.  It was a melancholy completion.  Lost In The Vale began!

Tuesday April 9:  Work was unnecessarily complicated and I got home after 5pm.  Had some pasta & watched a little of Monday night's RAW with the boys.  At work I got back into Sweet Tooth.  It's a perfect queue having recently read Roman Muradov's Antler Coffee in Myspace DHP v5.  Dustin Harbin laid out his tools for The Tools Artist's Use.

Wednesday April 10:  Today was a short day.  And then I got back into the office and they tried to drop more bullshit on me, but I wasn't having it.  I'm applying for new jobs today.  Right now I'm going to try to draw some wrestlers while I'm still kind of hot.  Had a good life talk with Adam before bed.

Thursday April 11:  At work today I read a lot of Tin Tin In The Land of the Soviets.  It was more rustic than I expected.  I learned about Tonkutsu Ramen via Little Froggies.

Friday April 12: Already home and drinking apple beer.  Today was the calm after the storm after work.  This week I was the storm, and it was as unnerving as it was empowering.  Today was also the one day out of the work week I didn't read comics at work.  It shouldn't ever be difficult for me to find time to read.  It takes the least amount of effort, and provides such a large input in my creative process.

So far this week my focus has been on working on a secret birthday project for my roommate's son, putting off doing my taxes, and making DVD's.  I learned about Vampybitme this week, followed a lot of Rebecca Tobin's tweets, and listened to a bunch of Smooth McGroove.  It was the week of Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello passing, Kobe Bryant's achilles tear, and  then Chi Cheng of the Deftones passed away.

Saturday April 13:  Everybody was gone when I got up, so I had brunch to myself and then got going on my taxes.  My buddy gave me a good tip on filing my state taxes for free so this year I owed nothing, and paid nothing.  It was just about an even year as far as finances go.  We did some barbecue and drank cider beer before slumping at the couch to Knocked Up.  Then everybody went to sleep and I finished the movie by myself and felt a little sentimental.  Also I was kind of sore from our leg work out earlier.  David Alegre Chaos Wolf / Fiona Hsieh Best Art Ever April 12

Sunday April 14:   Went to work right away on my secret birthday project.  Made some good progress and warmed up for a week of drawing.  Even made it out of the house to go swimming.  Today I read about the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories, and streamed some old cut material "Sky Drive."  Today I also read Guy Davis & Scott Allie's Solomon Kane comic in Myspace DHP #5 and loved it.  I studied his panel composition and pacing and felt smarter for doing it.  Rachel & Sarah's late night tumbles got me interested in reading Getter Robo Go by Ken Ishikawa.

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