Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stop Making a Fool Out of Me

Welcome to April!  I've been struggling lately to find balance and alignment.  Last month I felt the void of personal time, last week I lost time to snoozing, and this week I just couldn't guide myself on my own path. 

Monday April 1:  I was the first one up in the house.  Watching Strip Search I want to start writing about my new situation like I'm on a reality show.  I made myself my inaugural banana smoothie and got my laundry together.  Spent an inordinate amount of time searching for the title of that monster hunter anime where the guy runs away with the girl. Queued up New Mutants v3.   Had a nice laundry day with the fam, even got some boba on the way back.  I then read a bunch of Amy Falcone comics:  Cardigan Weather and Citation Needed (which I read in my classic backward fashion).  Watched the new Adventure Time directed by David O'Reilly before getting sucked into wrestling.  Had a late night supermarket run, before coming home to watch the newest ep of Strip Search.  It is now early morning Tuesday.

Tuesday April 2: Short days are good.  I walked home today and got in before noon.  Time to make some money and catch up on comics.  That is the mantra.  I read a lotta bit more of Citation Needed

Oops I fell asleep and had a nightmare. 

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Wednesday April 3:  Started the Otherworld Saga of Uncanny X-factor v1 early in the morning.  Queued up Uncanny Avengers # 1 also.  If I haven't said so, I've been trotting along with The Authority v3.  I'm like 8 parts into this storyline.   I drew a comic today.  My other mantra this week was Sit Down, Shut Up, and Warm Up--which I kind of accomplished, but failed to follow through on.  I started reading Myspace DHP v5.  Loved The Gax of Life especially.

Thursday April 4:  The world lost Roger Ebert today.  I perused some past blog entries but passed out early.

Friday April 5:  I drew a comic at work today.  I also got a bunch of episodes into Stardust Memory.

Saturday April 6:  I was the first person  awake today and had some nice quiet time to myself.  Started writing some notes for an Authority like comic.  Did some grocery shopping, and then some weight training with the boys.  Had to renew my library DVD.  Later did some more grocery shopping and then hit the jacuzzi.  Finished the night off watching Mr. Bean and snacked on food.  Pretty eventful day for the week.  Also we have so much food now.  I read the first chapter of Yotsuba.

Sunday April 7:  I did some laundry and read a bunch of Uncanny X-Factor.  This series is going in my favorites of all time.  I got a haircut and went swimming today.  The family came down and met me by the pool and we had barbecue for dinner.  It was a pretty nice day.  

This was the first week of April, the week of april fools.  There was a lot of stuff going on with North Korea armament & missile testing, Wrestlemania XXIX aired, Nemu-Nemu celebrated it's 7th anniversary, Ian Andersen had a birthday.  I learned to play Valerie.  I kind of lost my comic mojo by Friday, but I got in a lot of quality watching and reading, while balancing time with the roomies.  Money seems a little shaky right now, so I keep hoping and wishing something turns a corner for me in this art thing.  Here's some great work by Kai Carpenter.  Here's the new Skadi site.  

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