Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hump Week

This was the week of Easter, the last week of March, the week I started crushing on Katie Rice while watching Strip Search.  There were some warm days and we got out to the pool, but also there were thunder and lightning storms in the distance. The country rallied around the upcoming supreme court decision on the definition of marriage.

Monday March 25:  Today I was pretty lazy and spent almost all day indoors.  I ate quite a bit, but was plagued by the bacobit burps, probably precipitated by some turkey dogs I ate.  Gross.  I watched the entire Sakuga Anime panel from Anime Central 2011.  And then I lost a few hours to watching UFC 158.  It's back to work for me tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be a short day.  I'll need it to catch up on some sleep.  Hopefully this week I can catch up with a lot of other things.  I'm way behind in Adventure Time, Archer, Strip Search, comics in general, and I have just under a week to watch all of Gundam 0083.  It would also be nice to draw this week.  I haven't really read many web comics lately with the exception of Balderdash and I'd like to fix that.  I think I heard recently that Oni Press is rereleasing Scary Go Round!  Also I've been trying to figure out the name of an anime I watched on Crunchy Roll back in 2008 about a young guy from a family line of monster hunters who falls for a monster girl and runs away with her.

Tuesday March 26:  Got off at noon, came home and snoozed.  My roommates made some ridiculous shawermas.  I had two to myself.  What a pig!  I finished reading the Nao of Brown and then watched the Simon & Marcy episode of Adventure Time.  Both were fantastic. I learned that Jordie is coloring a revival of Quantum & Woody.  What a good time to read the original run!

Wednesday March 27: Was home by 9am.  Had some animation daydreams I wanted to draw.  Lately I've had a lot of images pop into my head that are beyond my artistic grasp.  I had a good long nap, then woke up and ate some more shawerma.  I had plans to marathon Akira or Gundam 0083, but I didn't.  Instead I watched Alex Butera stream for a bit, watched some musical youtube vids, found out about Stoker, got the newest Archer episodes, and made some barbecue chicken. It was Lexxy's Birthday!  She won a cintiq on Strip Search. Rachel drew Cygnus, but I was thinking: Bishounen Ice King.

Thursday March 28:  Today was the dumbest day.  All day my eye felt dry and irritated.  Then I got back to the office and was served up a bunch of bullshit.  So I came home and had two tallboys, watched an episode of Strip Search, and calmed the fuck down.  I got to get out of here.  This place and these people are stupid.

Friday March 29:  We had a barbecue and I spent most of the day out by the pool and eating lots of chicken.  I read a few pages of One Punch Man but got distracted.

Saturday March 30:  I watched another episode of Strip Search.  I returned Nao of Brown today and picked up Myspace DHP.  Then I went swimming for a bit.  Had a great dinner with the fam and watched Shaolin Soccer which had been heavily edited though in the original language.  There was a lightning storm tonight.

Sunday March 31:  Late into the crack of dawn I finally get caught up with Strip Search.  End up going to bed at 5am, waking at 2:30pm.  Good job, loser!  I checked in on So Far Apart which sadly hasn't been updated in about 5 months.  I read a few pages of One Punch Man, which suddenly reminded me of some old concepts I came up with when I was 17.  I'll have to scan those in soon.

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