Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cider Rules the House

This was week three in the new place, and the penultimate week for the month of March.  It was hard to keep up with current events, much less with the internet. Dongle-gate was this week

Monday March 18, 2013: I started downloading the remaining Winter 2013 Collection: The Whole Story comics.  I read Road Stories.  Ryan Estrada continues to surpass my expectations as an artist and an adventurer. Oldtype/Newtype

 Tuesday March 19, 2013:  Today was Chicken & Waffles Day.  I found the holy grail.  We celebrated and nothing else mattered.  And then we all went bed early.  I can't remember if I read Nao of Brown this day, but it's been a really great read so far.  I'm quickly becoming obsessed with the world it resides in.

Wednesday March 20, 2013:  I had a thought earlier today about mapping phenomena and their durations through the years of my memory.  A quick glance up a particular year would give me a snapshot of all the phenomena that occurred during that year.  I'm not really sure why my brain is so obsessed with informational systems.  Anyway today turned out to be a great day for talking out personal issues, and I got to say some things about my relationship with my mom, and my last memories of her.  Getting into my new rhythm and ritual.  Packed myself a lunch.

Thursday March 21, 2013:  The lunch made a spectacular breakfast as I struggled to not spend any money while at work.  This was the thursday that I almost jacked myself up when my machine fell.  I recovered, got in early and headed home with a lot of focus and energy.  The kitchen is now pretty well organized.  I also made dinner and felt more in step with my personal rhythm.  At work I started that whole graph of phenomena through the years.  There has to be some simple graphing/list program that I can use to manipulate this data.  I guess I'm interested in the intersection of moments along different narratives.  That would be the historian and storyteller in me trying to sort things out.

Friday March 22, 2013:  It was my friend Ian's birthday and I bought him a Hobgoblin Brew.  We had some tasty enchiladas, and apple cider beer.  I discovered VGE and Balderdash.

Saturday March 23, 2013:  I got up later in the morning and made myself a nice breakfast.  Ran some errands and got back into Wait Till Next Year which I think I started Thursday night.  I read a particular passage that made me anxious to read more Cross Game.  Today I read up the current page of Balderdash.  The Bartkira meme passed over James Harvey's desktop.  Can we just acknowledge how great Henry the Worst is, already?

Sunday March 24, 2013:  My roommates went camping so I had the house all to myself.  I watched The Original Kings of Comedy and Iron Sky.  I read some more Authority v3 while doing laundry.  Then more apple cider beer into the night.

This week was pretty rhythmic for me, and I made some improvements to my living and head space.  As soon as I can make some room for a bookcase I expect to throw myself back into my creative hive and churn out some interesting things.

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