Sunday, March 17, 2013

Green In the Face

This was the week of the SoCal tremor, the election of Pope Francis, and the dissolution of the Korean Armistice.  I was reeling from missing out on ghiblijam the previous weekend, and struggling to find some personal time while maintaining civil harmony with my new roommates.    I didn't find much time to socialize on the internet, nor did I develop any projects.  Work continues to become more unobtrusive, but without the long bike rides I lack the time to air out my thoughts.  St. Patrick's Day was this Sunday and I celebrated by feeling hungover, and maybe turning a little green in the face.

Monday March 11:  I thought it was 3pm when I got up this morning.  Guess that time change did a number on me.  It actually was only 10:30am.  We grabbed some pretty delicious burritos at a place I've been meaning to try.  Later on the day was too nice to not take a walk.  I caught up with Strip Search before bed.  Started reading Wait Until Next Year.  I read an article about shady dealing with the Sullivan's Sluggers kickstarter .  Eric "Colossal" Feurstein's ode to internet art theft. Rishab Soni on BehanceFrancis Livingston on deviantArt

Tuesday March 12:  I started reading The Nao of Brown.  I stayed up late trying to wrap my mind around  how many cable channels we have.  I caught this scene in an Anna Paquin movie that I'd seen once before in some hazy memory.  I think the movie was called Margaret.  I also heard the first couple songs from Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience. 

Wednesday March 13:  We had a dumb meeting this morning at work.  I wish I could get away with drawing instead of listening.  I had a short day, then came home, showered and dressed.  I helped my roommate's son with his homework a little bit and reminisced about working with children and teaching.  Today was a pretty warm day and all day people were talking about the new Pope. Julie drew some cutey pie lineplay avatars.  I posted my rip-off square face generator avatar.

Thursday March 14:  Listened to the entire 20/20 Experience today.  Also worked out a little on a treadmill and decided our community gym was pretty lame.  It was one of those warm, dreamy spring afternoons.

Friday March 15:  Went to a cigar event after work.  All we did was bitch about work and I got dizzy and felt all smokey.

Saturday March 16:  Did some laundry and errands.  Drew a few things for  Kadunka K.  Read a little of Authority v3.  Rearranged my room.  Hung out with roommate's relatives.  Drank entirely too much and ate too little.

Sunday March 17:  Hungover, got up late.  Slept a lot.  Threw on some Gundam 0083, but got sidetracked and watched a Kevin Hart comedy special instead.


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