Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wrestless Week

March 4, Monday:  I finished moving.  Had a lot of trouble getting my computer stable.  Drew a wolverine.  Ming Doyle had a tumblr Q+AStrip Search seems to be in full swing.

March 5, Tuesday: I was up late the night before so I crashed early.  But I learned about Oji-san No Lamp before I did.

March 6,  Wednesday: I finally started catching up with Ghiblijam.  I was probably faving posts for an hour straight.  I'm very impressed by all the talent and cute work that came out of this.

March 7,  Thursday: Didn't do much after work except go grocery shopping for things to make our shooter's sandwiches.  I was so excited to find a variety of granola at the nearby market.  We prepped our shooters and set them under some weights, then sunk into the couch to watch some wrestling.  Again.  I feel like I'm wrestling to get my personal time again.  Need to isolate myself and feed my brain again.  Here's was a brilliant comic by Luke Pearson that somebody recently reposted.

March 8, Friday:  I got home from work early and was so tired I fell asleep.  Adam & I unwrapped our shooter's sandwiches and washed them down with some Lemon Berry Shandy's I picked up on the way home.  I also got some Sriracha Peas.  We all watched Smack Down before heading to bed.

March 9, Saturday:  I watched Kizuna Ichigeki for the first time and it was love at first sight.  Today was the anniversary of Biggie's death.  I went to the laundromat and read some of Blade of the Immortal issue 2 while I waited.  And then I picked up Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory and The Nao of Brown from the library & bought a chicken + bacon stuffed pizza from Papa Murphys.  Pretty good for a Saturday.

March 10, Sunday:  Slept in until noon then went to get some Chinese buffet.  Today was the spring time change for daylight savings.  Back at the house we had Adam's sister's family over for pho & a movie.  It was a madhouse, but entertaining to have so much child energy around.  Adam's sister makes some good, authentic pho.

This was my first week in the new place.  I watched a lot of wrestling with the family, tried to make do with cramped quarters, and ate really, really well.  

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