Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome to March

I'm moving this week so things might get a jumbled.  So far this week has been about the impending March 1st sequester, Tina Fey & Seth Macfarlane swearing off hosting the Oscars, and Jennifer Lawrence winning everybody's hearts.  Chris Onstad released a short clip of a possible Achewood animated pilot, this 3d car was printed, and Aaron Diaz got his Dresden Codak kickstarter funded within an hour of posting.

I've spent the week wringing my hands over getting things prepared to move.  I've had really short work days too, but I get home and feel instantly tired.  Reading Magnolia Porter's tweets about not having her ADD meds for ECCC makes me wonder if I would benefit from a scrip myself.

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Emily Carroll's 3 Snake Leaves | God Hates Astronauts | Okazu: In which the Friedman Addendum is created | Mutant Women of Earth on Comics Alliance | Dresden Codak: The Tomorrow Girl on Kickstarter

ECCC was this weekend and I also moved.  Everything leading up is a pretty wide blur.  I remember I watched a stream with Emmy, Anthony, Matt, Madeliene, and Terrence on Thursday.  On Tuesday I introduced myself to Skin Deep, just based on reading some tweets between Magnolia Pearl & Kory Bingman.  It never ceases to amaze me when someone with okay comic creating skills shows tenacity & really develops a signature & flow to their work.  I wonder if I've become slightly less interested in the stories developing and more interested in artists & their work developing.

I spent a little time Wednesday evening, after waking from a nap, looking up proposed character names for Kadunka K, and found out they were really appropriate names.  Stranger than that, they were actual Japanese names that I had somehow absorbed & appropriated when I was 15. That night I also listened to Joe Hisaishi at The Budokan and was charmed & enthralled.

On Saturday I started reading Girl By the Sea thanks to Mia Schwartz.  Also we're now in March and very nearly in Spring.  I've spent the bulk of February keeping up with current events, putting off moving, and allowing myself to write, brainstorm, and doodle when inspiration struck.  I read leisurely, absorbed a lot, and spent less time watching videos.  I took in the warmth & golden beauty of the waning afternoon.  I slept often and long.  And then I closed a chapter in my life and began a new one.  Welcome to March 2013.

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