Sunday, February 24, 2013

Misogyny Week :(

 This was the week of the 85th Annual Academy Awards, the continuing trial of Oscar Pistorius,and the announcement of the Playstation 4.

2/18 Monday:  Carrying over from Sunday night read a lot of Bad Machinery from the most recent storyline.  Apparently the site link sent me back to August 27, 2013 and I read up to September 27.  Found out about Monica Ray via Erika Moen and began reading Phuzzy Comics from the beginning.  I should really draw things today before I have to bear down on actually packing up all my art supplies and books.  Gained James Harvey & Brittney Sabo as followers over the weekend.  Read about Mary BeardPenny's friendship comicFarel Dalrymple's It Will All Hurt on Studygroup Comics Slightly NSFW comic Big Boy by Pixel Panda ( Charlotte Dumortier)
Jordie Bellaire / Color Appreciation Day on CBR
2/19 Tuesday:  Turned in library books but kept Dylan Dog & Channel Zero.  Looked really rainy that day, and ended up raining through the night.  Fell asleep really early.  Tried to draw that Harry Potter/Night Court mashup.  At least I got started.  Got the new Starfucker albums. Brutal Moineau (Romain Mennetrier)

2/20 Wednesday:  Nice looking day coming home.  Got caught up in live-tweeting PS4 announcement.  Almost burnt my asparagus & cheese stuffed chicken breasts having too much fun.  Fell asleep early and slept a looooooooott.  I sleep too much.  It's going to be time to move and I haven't done anything. Leslie Hung's Instagram

2/21 Thursday:  What's going on today.  I dunno.  I started head-writing a rap about dark/supernatural comic books.  Here's what I have so far

I'm so ill, I'm in my own head space/Feeling like Bacchus in Eddie Campbell's Deadface/Actually wanting to feel like Eddie Campbell's Eyeball Kid/And steal a thunderbolt to say: "Look what I just did"/Gods and demons surrounding me in my environment/survive a baptism of flames through a fire pit/I'm tired, shit, ridiculous, depraved, lonely friendless/The high cost of living's got me feeling like the Endless/

It was Bryan Lee O'Malley & Amy Kibuishi's birthday. At work I found a gas station that had excellent chicken tenders.  The lady gave me two free mojo fries just because she was nice.  Everybody was talking about ECCC all week and it made me want to win the lottery, put off moving, and go party w/ Amber & everybody.  This of course was a fantasy.  Speaking of fantasy the Nebula Award Nominees were posted, and a particular comment drew the derision of SF fans who happen to not be bitter, cis-gendered, white guys.  Rachel posted a sexy drawing, well the sexy drawing to end all sexy drawings. Remotely Lame Martin Hsu visited the Totoro House
Published on Feb 20, 2013  cwfilms

2/22 Friday It was Amber's Birthday! Brittney Sabo debuted her new webcomic All Night Ordinary Batman Adventures celebrated it's first birthday

2/23 Saturday  Tweeted with Daryl Ayo about decompression & dense comic panels as he livetweeted Days of the Future Past.  Found out about Blame! and Cages in the process. 

2/24 Sunday  I got up around noon today and had a bunch of ramen while tweeting.  Just finished a marathon reading of Phuzzy comics, and before that a random chapter, and the first chapter of Two Keys.  Last night I read X-factor v3 #200.  I finished the Dark Angel Saga of Uncanny X-force on Saturday.  I also watched part of a stream of Yusuke Murata and discovered the work of Nemiri via Sloane.

Then Sunday Night was the Oscars and as expected rampant livetweets, mostly about how unfunny and offensive Seth MacFarlane was. Also the Onion called Quvenzhané Wallis a dirty c-word. One more week until I start moving.  EEEEEeeeeeeeh!

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