Sunday, February 17, 2013


This was the week of Valentine's Day,  the Chris Dorner cabin shootout, the North Korean nuke detonation, and the meteor over the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Monday 2/11:  Finished reading Buffy v2.  Read about the television series and production this morning.  Realized Whedon approached the story a lot like how I'm approaching Eurydice.  Had problems with getting Manga Studio installer due to 30 day limited download >:(
Pants Are Overrated Year of the Snake by Erica Henderson

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 Great Comics that Never Happened on Comics Alliance

Tuesday 2/12:  Came home and relaxed in the afternoon sunlight with the windows open.  Read 8 Great Female Lead Comics You Should Be Reading by Kelly Thompson.  Wrote about Eurydice at work.  Considered Lebanese background.

Wednesday 2/13 Learned about Konqueror and Shatterhand Bonded with Penny over Yu Yu Hakusho . Adrian Alphona on returning to comics with X-Force on Comics Alliance Memory Anthology edited by Jeremy Baum on Kickstarter
Strange Dog by Jake Lawrence

Thursday 2/14:  Came home and downed a lot of beers and went to sleep.  Good grief.

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Friday 2/15: Came home to hub-bub about You had One Job.   Jia-Ling Pan on tumblr

Saturday 2/16:  In the Vale went live! Listened to a lot of Daft Punk while dreaming up a Batman & Robin illo based on their helmet designs.  Spent some time learning about Kendrick Lamar. Sophia Foster Domino

Sunday 2/17 Watched Natsuki Crisis ep.1 spur of the moment.  Learned about Momminpappa At Sea.  Finally started following Valerie's sexy, funny, sex + comics.  Had an idea about the Tunguska event utilizing the tunnel to the other side of the earth google app. Bought some pizza, whiskey & Coke & promised to draw Night Court/Harry Potter mashup.  Immediately broke promise.  Instead became obsessed with Wiles & Fermat's Last Theorem.

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