Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wake and Shake and Smash

 Today is Sunday February 10, 2013.  We are 41 days into the year with 324 days left to make 2013 memorable.  Today ends the year of the dragon leading way to the year of the snake.  Tonight the 55th annual Grammy's air.

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This week Kai became a hero and internet sensation, The East Coast got hammered with the blizzard known as Nemo, and Bauuer's Harlem Shake got the party started all over the world.  This was the week of the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, the earthquake & tsunami near the Solomon Islands, and the release of TPB: AFK.

2/4 Monday:  Stultified by decisions.  Paid rent and turned in 30 days notice.  Took bike ride listening to Starfucker & got a berrock.  Made teacakes.  Never made it out to buy groceries.  Feeling indecisive & unmotivated.  Watched TMNT 2013 ep. 1.

Creepy White Guys of OKC
Hourly Comic Day 2013 roundup on Comics Alliance
Jane Mai's Poop Nightmare via Comics Beat

2/5 Tuesday:  Off work by 11am.  Fixed back breaks on bike, took shower and promptly fell asleep.  Woke up in the evening.  Worked on dog comic, posted kick ass annie sketch.  Anne Koyama's birthday.  Doodled tophat hermit crab dude. Forgot to buy groceries/food; tried to get a pizza but they were closed.  Came home overwhelmed with feelings of failure.

Read Maré Odomo interview on studygroup comics, read Andrew Schick interview on same.  Found out Zack Soto runs Studygroup comics.

2/6 Wednesday:  Off at 11am.  Dreamt up Japanese Hero Avengers:  Cap America = Kenshiro, Iron Man = Ultraman, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver = Cyborg 009, Thor = Guin?, Hulk = Gojira?

Read through a lot of Nedroid 2010 lj archive. Queued AT ep 9 & 10.  Looked around Mia Schwartz's work.  Discovered/read Dinogedden to current.

Barsha Dahal
Cabin Boy by Rachel Morris
Sourya SihaChakr

2/7 Thursday:  Discovered Phobs' Temujin comic.  Read more nedroid lj.  Watched AT ep 9 & 10.  Read Ryan Andrew's This Was Our Pact.

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2/8 Friday:  Got a ride home.  Drank beer.   Fiona Staples linked to Adam and Dog by Minkyu Lee.  Been hearing about Blizzard Nemo hitting the east coast.  Encountered gumroad pdf artbooks thrice this evening.  Or maybe it was once last night and twice this evening.

Best Art Ever on Comic Alliance

2/9 Saturday:  Took a day off from the internet.  

The days of living in my lonely 2-bedroom art cave are drawing to a close and soon enough I'll have to start dismantling my living to carry to a new place.  I am indebted to Neil Gaiman for giving me the space to air out some thoughts on regret, hope, and change.  Time to focus & finish things has been so elusive to me lately.  The first 3 days of the week seem to speed by in a blur, then I'm focusing to make it to the end of the week, and the weekend is just a massive jumble of stimuli.  I'm remembering to pace, or else just dance or jump up and down to calm my mind.

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