Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter is leaving

This was the week of Superbowl XLVII, the hostage crisis in an underground bunker in Alabama, and the Applebees social media faux pas.

Monday: read Conservatorium: Le Président, Solstoria prologue, returned books & dvds got Channel Zero.  Got groceries for sandwich wraps & chili.  Read Finder: Talisman.

Tuesday:  thought about focus & intention all day.  thought about adaption, personal empowerment, inspiration.  Dreamed up Altered Egos: Matt Murdock, Batman (Selina Kyle, Elektra; Bruce Wayne, Daredevil, Elektra Natchios, Catwoman; Scott Summers, Guardian; Madeleine Pryor, Guardian II/Vindicator) Drew Dylan Dog Draw a Dog Tuesday.

Wednesday:  Off work early.  Had a nap.  Did taxes.  Paperman short released.  Started reading Channel Zero.

seeyu tomorowfreek Published on Feb 3, 2013

Thursday:  Off 2 hours early.  Began book 5 of Pluto, halfway through.  Queued Saga 1-6, Adventure Time 1 & 2, Marceline & The Scream Queens 1, and AT Fionna & Cake 1.  Natasha butt hurt comic.

Friday:  Worked on hourlies from 4-11:30.  Got beer.  Ate sausage & eggs & rice.  Watched Archer ep. 1& 2.

Saturday:  Inked, toned, and posted hourlies.  Watched A.T. ep. 7 & 8. Ryan Estrada's Winter 2013 collection was funded and released today; read Plagued. Watched some Law & Order & Burn Notice.  7-year maze on Spoon & Tamago.  Annie Awards, Johane Matte (rufftoon) wins.   Queued Ninja Turtles ep. 1

Sunday: Early in the morning read a bunch of hourlies on tencentticker.  Caught funny country mansion episode of Keeping Up Appearances and part of Charlotte Gray on tv.  Drew a super bowl comic, watched the superbowl & tweeted.  Read Spera late into the night.

And just like that the first month of January is over.  In another month or so Winter will give way to Spring.  At the moment I'm sitting on delivering my 30 day notice to my apartment manager and doing my best to suppress reservations I have about living with roommates.  I'm moving into a nice place with a good friend and his wife & son.  I'll also be living closer to work so my bike commute won't be as dreadful anymore.  But what concerns me most is compromising my privacy and becoming enmeshed with somebody else's pattern of life.  Families have a habit of encroaching into every inch of space, altering the rhythm or harmony of a place.  It's just the nature of the multi-headed beast.

I read a lot of comics in January, and this weekend I put in more time in creating comics than I have in a long time.  This past month I was reading: Dark Angel, Daisy Kutter, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Cross Game, Pluto, Finder, Batwoman: Elegy, Hellblazer: Pandemonium, All New X-Men, Ghost, Comeback, Avengers Vs. X-men, Marvel 1985, From Eroica with Love, Cyber 7, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man,  Welcome Mats by starexorcist, Solstoria by charmwitch, Adventures in Angst by Sarah Graley, Help us, Great Warrior by Madeleine Flores, Ian Andersen's Spell Casting, Monster Pulse, Crumpet Fighter by Rebecca Head, Knights Errant by theyoungdoyler, The Big Trip by Nate Neal.

Anthony Jones (Robotpencil) Funambule by Gandalfleblonde Batman: TAS titlecards Ann Marcelino Sun Bakery Comics Anthology Hide & Spook by Ambird Amber Lynn Seegmiller Gerald Parel

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