Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Stability of a Bubble

Good Afternoon my friends, neighbors, and potential lovers. It's past 5am here and I am promising you a Sunday Afternoon Noodle for your sunday afternoon. Here's hoping you get a chance to sit down with me for a few laughs and smiles before you get your Sunday on.

I peeked in on the significance of November 8 on wikipedia, but man was it full of heavy handed political stuff. The rise of communism and nazism, assassination attempts, the election of FDR during the great depression, the new deal, the election of JFK after Watergate. I'm not really one for discussing politics on Sunday, so I'll leave you to check the link yourself. I did also learn about the Roman observance Mundus Patet involving the Lapis Manalis. It reminded me of Jesus' resurrection and the moving of the stone. November 8 would be the third day of its opening. Wow, Del. Religion and politics. On a Sunday?

How about science? The Marangoni-Gibbs effect explains both why tears of wine pool inside on the sides of your glass and why soap bubbles float a while before suddenly bursting. Surface tension is neat.

Radiolab is now my favorite/only podcast I listen to! Because of radiolab I became reacquainted with the work of Dr. V.S. Ramachandran Thanks Kate Beaton! Ms. Beaton also informed me of Claude Lévi-Strauss' passing.

And Now This:

collegehumor - vanishing batman

I'm going to try to watch The Strangers, Good Night and Good Luck, and Time Bandits today. Next up for movies I have Vengeance is Mine, Willard, and Brazil. Somewhere I will squeeze in time for Pompeii and the Girl in Hyacinth Blue, then read a few stories from Where I'm Calling from, and a chapter of The Comedians. That is the plan. To your left you will notice proof that occasionally I actually finish an illustration. This one started out as an ink sketch (using an old set of staedtlers I keep around). It could use some fine tuning, but for now I'm just glad there's color in all the places where there should be color.

Okay. Man, I need to take a nap. I've got a full day of being lazy to rest up for. I'll see you guys around brunch time.

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