Wednesday, July 21, 2010

100% Comic Geek

Its easy to become enamored with Becky Cloonan. She is the dreamiest: Myspace, Twitter, Blogger, Deviantart.

On a whim I started reading Tin Tin: The Seven Crystal Balls. It is easily inspiring in its fluidity, attention to detail, and masterful use of gesture. Hergé is the man.

Well, then, the other night as I was reading through the list of Eisner winners I stumbled upon Cameron Stewart's Sin Título, which I had put off reading for some time. It turns out it's very suspenseful, full of detail, and graceful gesture. And then I got to this page and the comment about the Inca piqued my interest. I google Inca from the Seven crystal balls, half expecting something about some lame Indiana Jones movie when: oh crap! That is spooky!

While we're still near the topic of the Eisner awards I delightfully encountered the work of Marian Churchland who seems poised to take over the comic scene. Well done Marian, I am overjoyed to become acquainted with your work.

Despite missing Comic-Con for another year in the last 3 years straight I've had a very comicky weekend. I read Paul Pope's 100% in one sitting. It is one of the best, most fluid and interesting things I have read. His notes at the end are very enlightening about comics as an idiom. You should pick it up.

TurboBuzzard | February 01, 2010

I picked that up along with Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories this weekend at the library. Do you use your library much? You should. Stop wasting your money and support free information. Also get yerself some book smarts to go with your street smarts and cyber smarts. It's good to have 'em y'know.

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