Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where does the time go

Some doodles I did recently above. One or two maybe t-shirt designs i'm working on. Or possibly all three, or none at all. It all depends.

I need to get the beast moving.

This week I've been paralyzed by a) an operating system that doesn't want to install, b) an external hd that doesn't want to write, c) a severe case of clutter and indecision d) a sudden suspicion that I am passing a kidney stone. Pray very hard that the latter is merely a suspicion and nothing more.

I did get out and watch Inception this weekend, and now find myself somewhere between Roger Ebert's glowing praise, and the expected killjoy criticism of the average art house snob. As far as Mr. Nolan's work is concerned, I think he has not surpassed the monument of Memento as a ground breaking film and structure. Has anybody else noticed, though, that all of his films are about a hero in crisis?

I read all of Rice Boy recently. Evan Dahm is an excellent story teller, and someone who doesn't get too fidgety about putting their artwork on a pedestal.

Harvey Pekar passed away this past week and Tom Humberstone made an appropriate dedication to him with the ending of his 100 days project.

As usual I am late at discovering things, such as

I have plans this week to get my new rig up and running and then promptly getting started on a new website. I will also attempt to watch Infernal Affairs and the Departed, but after that I think I'll have grown sick enough of Leonardo diCaprio. Could there be painting and artmaking in the near future? That is also a very likely occurence, yes. However, I also have this blasted day job, and responsibilities to attend to, such as getting the title of my vehicle in my name, getting an oil change, and buying household sundries. Oh the busy life of a self-indulgent bachelor. Happy Monday everybody.

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