Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Interdependence Day!

How are you? How is everybody? I have just now woken up from a pleasant Sunday snoozing. It was the best.

At work this past week I bought a watermelon and let it sit in our broken freezer for two days. I then nibbled on it for the rest of the week. I looked like this:

But that's alright.

Here's music I'm diggin right now:

Mark Ronson
Little Dragon
The Zutons
Phantom Planet

You can come along and distract yourself with all the offerings of

Man, I am sooooo unproductive. I think I've entered creative depression. I wonder if there are meds for this situation. Anyhow, it's late and today Americans will be watching explosives go off in the air while combat veterans cringe. It's quite a festive time as most Americans are adverse to the regularity of their lives and need some sort of holiday and ritual to convince themselves they are not cogs in the greater clockwork of our socio-political-economic system. Today we will gorge ourselves with food, alcohol, and arbitrary excess in the hope of finding some significance in our meager time with our families, friends, and acquaintances. We will revel in our traditions, and hope to grasp our own self-development in comparison to the children frollicking around us. And hopefully at the end of the night's festivities we will have acquired a sense of pride, a sense of fellowship, and some good anecdotes and leftovers to bring to work. Happy American Independence you silly creatures.

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