Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coffee, Crows, Cats, and Cold

zia999 | November 25, 2010

So I've been lulled into watching The Walking Dead. It's very intriguing. Sort of like cats and crows fighting to a symphonic score.

SilverStar830 | November 25, 2010

I've begun rearranging my apartment. The word decompress comes to mind. Nevertheless it's going to be a lot of work due to the sheer amount of boxes of crap I've accumulated.

Here are some similarly unflattering confessional moments from indy comics.

I was on this past Thursday's Inkstuds. Well, kinda.

I'd like to see this project come to life. There's this really cool Anthology 2 Project that just got funding through kickstarter. Who knows what we'll get out of sequence.

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