Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cross my Pa

klaatu42 | December 07, 2009

I watched Toward the Terra (1980), True Grit (2010), and Dune (1984) this weekend. And then I got back into BSG season 2. I'm trying to take a break from my favorite show Misfits while I wait for the 3rd season to begin airing sometime in the next 2 months. I guess I've had a lot of down time to catch up with my queue.

Pink Tentacle. I like this.

I love this.

I did some sketches: 1) a clothing impaired woman, 2) a couple of things inspired while watching Fist of Fury, 3) a portrait of online friend becceroooo

I so can't wait for the spring to be here. Though I'm glad I'm not caught in a blizzard every other day, this windchill and occasional rainstorm is creatively hampering. It's usually the opposite for me, but I suppose growing old erodes the magic of cold, dark nights. There's no promise of warmth and the mystery of life sprawling out in the midst of the night's winter reign. There are no vikings in the halls telling ghost stories, nor are there monsters prowling the castle. It's just a string of wet, winter nights until this planet turns and tilts in a favorable direction. Le sigh.

ishidahiroyasu | August 26, 2008

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