Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ladder to the Stars

BirdyNamNamofficial | May 29, 2009 (via Awesome Robot)

January 16, 2010 half the month is gone just like that. I'll blink and half the year will have passed. I feel as though as I age I become more comfortable with ephemera. I will always be something of an obsessive documentarian of trivialities and minutia, but I think things have been slowly evening out through the years. I would say that my life is a testament to the triumph of the termite over the white elephant.

I now have all the things needed to fix my guitar so I suppose that will be what I will be doing this afternoon. If I can fit in tinkering with my bluetooth transmitter, maybe I will overcome the fear of permanently botching the job----or electrocuting/burning myself. Lately I have been clearing out a lot of old things on my dusty to-do list.

Three reasons to give oculoid a peek.

I think I've been severely remiss at mentioning the other bloggers I blog, uh, follow. So in no particular order here is a list of people and blogs you should become familiar with, should you wish to survive the new year:

1) Mark Kardwell's Bad Librarianship
2)Asaf and Tomer Hanuka's Tropical Toxic
3) Bob Flynn's Jinx the Monkey
4) David Apatoff's Illustration Art

kinagrannis | January 13, 2011 (I have a secret crush on Emi)

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