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2011: the Year of the Rabbit (come February 3). From what I can glean it will be a year of asceticism, quiet gentleness and beauty. That sounds pretty awesome.

This new decade breaks numerical correspondence with my personal age, where 2000 was an apt year to turn 20, and then in 2010 I made the leap from my twenties to my thirties, 2011 is too numerically obtuse to correspond to 31. So, I thought I might recap things that occurred when I was 11, and things that happened when I was 20.

On New Year's Eve of 1990 I was 10 years old. I was living with my Mom, my brother, and the younger of my two sisters in an apartment complex. That New Year we were moving into a house my mom had just paid a deposit on. I remember prank calling people that new year to say happy new year. I guess it wasn't much of a prank. The 90's decade was about to start off on a good note.

In 1991 I would have just been finishing the 5th grade and graduating to middle school, which was a few miles away. My elementary school was across the street from my apartment complex and I used to walk to school everyday. Now I would have to ride a bus to school everyday or rely on my mom or my friends parents for a way to and from school. Middle school would introduce me to other Filipino kids who would become my main social network, while I chose the academic high road in classes. I would get involved with hip hop dancing and the break dancing revival, as well as become infatuated with comic books and Japanese anime. Geekdom ahoy!

I lived through the end of the 90's and saw the year 2000 (thanks Conan O'Brien!) come to life. I was in my 2nd year of college, and just a few weeks away from getting my first apartment with my bestfriend. That year everybody was up in arms about Clinton leaving office and the Bush Regime taking its second stab at America's collective pocketbook and soul. This was probably the beginning of the current American political battlefield. George W. Bush was like a trail of oil in the water about to ignite and cut the ocean in half.

But the year 2000 also had a lot of promise for me personally. I was crawling out of my shell and beginning to open up to people. I was discovering a greater level of self-expression, and reaching for life long dreams and artistic pursuits, romantic pursuits. I left my teens that summer and forged a wild path into my twenties. In another year I would be legally old enough to get into a lot of trouble.

That said, here's Dog Fort.

techdx5 | April 21, 2010

Ways to this man's heart (via the stomach)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Happy New Year 2011 everybody. May you succeed at all your new challenges, and carry faith and hope at your side with courage urging you on. And my deepest prayers are with everybody who needs a miracle!

TerryFuckwitt | February 20, 2008

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