Monday, October 3, 2011


I started reading Finnegan Strappe this past week. I have to say a giant congratulations to Jordyn Bochon on getting The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe funded. I love to see people rewarded for their hard work and creativity. I only donated $10 but rest assured, that $10 will go toward furthering Ms. Bochon's creative exploits. As a surprising bonus, she inadvertently introduced me to the work of one Mr. Kagan Macleod.

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This Just in: DC (Dresden Codak), known to the world as Aaron Diaz (not the Latino actor) redesigns superheroes, including a few of DC (Detective Comics)'s recent failures.

Thank you Brian Fukushima and Mister Esty for the heads up on Grands Moments.

Speaking of the French, I finally started watching Mesrine. This is, so far, the film I wanted Public Enemies to be. Sorry Michael Mann.

I also started watching The Wire. I have to stop right here to address an odd thing I realized. Remember this?

Now, mind you I had at that point never watched a second of The Wire, nor had any spoilers about the show. I literally started drawing, and the name McNalty came to me after the fact, as did this fairly common cop-show trope. But for these two things to coincide in my life in such a short span of time, well . . . this is creepy.

To the left is a sketch I started working up. I am so slow at completing things. I don't even know why I started sketching this. For once, I just wish I had a totally interesting and consuming idea that wouldn't stop nagging me until I've completed it in whole. I don't know if I've ever truly had one.

I sometimes entertain the idea of revisiting old story ideas from my grade school and high school years. It seemed like back then I always had fervor and fever for getting ideas out. Nowadays, I think I'm overly critical of anything that jumps into my head. Also there's all that education mucking up my brain, keeping me from just playing with ideas as I once did.

I've been reading Little Nothings and The Complete Peanuts Vol. 1. I'm also nearly done with Ultimate Power, and struggling through the first arc of 100 Bullets. I recently read some entries in a Mythology pocket-sized book I picked up a while ago. I read about the Mead of Inspiration, Loki and the Ragnarok, and Sigurd; also Vishnu, Brahma, Siva, Daksha, and Durga.

Oh yeah, also APE was this weekend and I didn't go because I'm broke and I suck.

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