Sunday, October 9, 2011

Noodles Over Meat

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It's Halloween season again, and Emily Carrol's got another terrifying tale to tell.

I like JP Coovert's comics. Also Puppy Teeth looks interesting. I'm mostly interest in the work of Kevin Czapiewski and his brother Matt who does Eat That Toast. I also discovered Stuff No One Told Me.

Remember this sketch from last week? I decided in keeping with my New Year's Resolution, and having read an awesome google + thread begun by Dustin Harbin relating to publishing, perseverance, and self consciousness, to push myself through in completing this sketch. The first pic is a feeble attempt at inking digitally in GIMP. The second one is a scanned and cleaned up version of a pen & pocket brush ink.

Can you tell which one I felt more inspired by? If you guessed the second picture, you get to see this preview. While I was inking I began to think about what these characters appearances could say about their personalities and histories. I've been reading a lot of Dresden Codak's tumblr, including this latest Speculative DC Reboot on villians. The female character on the left really came to life for me. She's definitely a very masculine character who is unsure of how to act feminine, but outside of her duty, wants to experience courtship and romance. I'm a little wary of pandering to LGBT readers, but I think her character is truly compelling for me. The other two, are pretty prototypical master/student, stoic/goofball archtypes. I'm certain these characters should be on a quest of some kind, and I'm heavily leaning towards a tongue-in-cheek, possibly self-referential slant.

This weekend I watched Contagion, a bunch of The Wire, NCIS, and Battle Star Galactica. I was so caught up in work I forgot to watch Breaking Bad. That might, for once, be a good thing. This past week the world lost Steve Jobs. Bless you Steve Jobs for all that you were, and all you accomplished.

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