Sunday, April 22, 2012

I need a hug

Kickball! from dana terrace on Vimeo.

Lexxy updated her website!

I can't recommend Eat More Bikes by Nathan Bulmer enough! Soulful Sunday is the perfect evening repast after a sunday afternoon of noodling.

People who have money to give, take note!

Cucumber Quest is coming to print, and your additional donations can determine it's quality! Also soon to follow is The Antler Boy and other stories by Jake Parker. TCAF is in 2 weeks, and you have the opportunity to not only score some minis from Geneva Hodgson, but you can also help Dale O'Flaherty get there as well.

I might have forgotten to mention I discovered the work of Yuta Onoda last week. Similarly, the work of Sara Pichelli came to me as if by dream. Okay, I also forgot to mention Fiona Staples.

This week I barbecued a lot, watched a lot of Archer, had a drunk blackout, and made some headway in BPRD and Agents of Atlas. Great pulpy fun those two comics, and Archer, BBQ and Drunk I'm pretty sure are keywords to hedonistic fulfillment.

I tried to sketch some fanart for Lexxy's forthcoming The Cloud Factory.

I also tried to sketch something for this Threadless Comics on Tees contest for the CBLDF, but I can't show you that for development's sake, and also because it is sloppy and I am a horrible artist. Yay! I need a hug.

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