Monday, April 30, 2012

Never Mess With Sunday

A few weeks ago I was distressed to learn that Danny Zabbal's Journey to the 6th Dimension is no longer available to read on the internet. I have the confounding tendency to bookmark things I want to read, and not return to them for months, and in this instance I realize I may never get to read what looked like a very fun & mystical story. I've emailed him to see if it is indeed missing from the internet.

 In the meantime go read his more recent work here. Drawn Paper Scissors introduced me to the work of Yan Nascimbene's beautiful travel themed watercolors. Tumblr is just filled with a gajillion brilliant sketchy blogs such as A Pint of Strychnine by cigueducami and Viva la Resistance by Preoprix Here are some good deviantarts I stumbled upon as well: Tuooneo and ReillyBrown.

I've attached another Migret sketch I worked on 2 weeks ago.  I haven't been in the mood to develop things beyond designing a helmet that I'd been neglecting to draw.  Toward the end of the week I started doodling some characters with the principle interest in designing around eye expressions.  A pair of mangled cutesy eyes became the baby cthulu sketch that I've worked up into color.

I missed Stumptown again this year because I'm dead broke.  I wish I had some money so that I could go fly to TCAF next weekend. I also wish I could buy one of these spiffy Monoprice tablets Ray's been gushing over.  This same old song and dance is getting tiresome.  I have this dream that I'll launch a website with some comics on it and know how to monetize things right away and within a few months walk away from my day job.  I'll begin collaborating with my 15 year old self and flesh out whimsical story concepts I had as a kid into beautiful, lush worlds with complex characters, and intelligent stories told in refreshing ways.  And then maybe that year I'll be at all of these festivals and shows selling comics & art instead of trying to finish reading my library books before they're due.

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