Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lost Years

I've been drawing Avatar fanarts. Maybe I'll show you them later.

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Eric Canete has some very cool sketches on his blog.

I caught this preview of Warren Ellis & Michael Avon Oeming's Halfmoon.

I finally got around to reading Jane Mai's A Clockwork Rabbit.

This weekend I made some ribs and salsa and ate a lot. I have been an eating machine lately, but I can't seem to put on any weight. It's really confounding to me.Aang Sketches

I started watching Avatar: TLA because I finally watched Korra episode 2, and felt the inevitable void. In fact, all week I was consumed with the idea of drawing fan art of the lost years: Katara & Aang and young Tenzin, older Zuko, Toph, Sokka, Suki, etc. Luckily this weekend I came across the art of Jiasumen63 and Kamikazen.

I read Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings. It made me very melancholy and uneasy. I think I prefer his short stories to these long form ones.

I got a lot of little things done this weekend, but all my big problems are looming over me. This month I have to get an extension on a fix-it ticket that I can't feasibly fix right now. I also need to file an appeal for something. It is a big something that worries the daylights out of me. A lot of the time I feel frozen in my tracks, aware of things I need to get done, but afraid of making a move that could just set me back further. I guess this is a facet of depression? In the meantime I lose time I could be spending on making art or honing my craft. With the good weather lately I've wanted to take some pictures, or experiment with some videos. I miss being emerged in craft like I was back in school. If I could have the best of both worlds I would be actively producing like in school, with the freedom to set my own pace and socialize as I do now. Oh yeah, people on the internet have been nice to me lately. :) Silver-lining I guess.

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