Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Equal to the Love You Make

It was a tough week.  I came down with a sore throat Tuesday, that developed into a sinus and bronchial infection.  I held faith in my immune system and made good decisions on rest, nutrition, and hydration.  But then on Friday I had a terrible allergic reaction to, possibly, almonds that left me weak all day and gave me hives all over my body.  I was able to keep the swelling and itching at bay with some generic allegra, but when I got home I realized my entire body was red.  I was almost scared to fall asleep, but I was dead tired.  Thankfully the rest was mostly what I needed.

So through the week I consumed a lot of fiction.  I read the entire Hellboy: Troll With and Other Stories, Uncanny X-force: Deathlok Nation, and Marvel's Girl Comics.  I also watched Captain America: The First Avenger, a little bit of Psyche, started Community.  Speaking of which, twitter was on fire this weekend when a press release revealed Dan Harmon would no longer be involved with making the show.  What I time for me to jump in, huh? 

I just discovered Kristen McCabe and Sabrina Alberghetti.  Also Mariel Kinuko Cartwrightl. In fact, I discovered or was reminded of a lot of talented female creators while reading Girl Comics, some of my favorites being:  Amanda, Conner, Colleen Coover, Ming Doyle, Lucy Knisley, Marie Severin, Devin Grayson, Emma Rios, Barbara Ciardo, Jill Thompson, Faith Erin Hicks, Emma Vieceli, Jo Chen, Marjorie Liu, Sara Pichelli, Rachelle Rosenberg, Stephanie Hans, Louise Simonson, June Brigman, Ann Nocenti, Sho Murase, Carla Speed McNeil, Ronda Pattison, and Glynis Oliver.  My favorite stories were Mixology at Terato Gena's, Things That Never Change, Do You Ever?, Head Space, and Dogged Pursuit.

I spent a little time doing a little personal history project and found some neat resources for tracing pop cultural phenomena of particular years.  While doing that I rediscovered the film Tideland by Terry Gilliam, as well as a film called Momo.  I'm also flirting with the idea of listing every movie I've ever seen by year.  I think part of my fascination with plotting these timeline things is realizing how finite one's attention span is in the middle of a particular stream of thought, and how little a snapshot of the world we get in each moment.  Going back and piecing disparate pieces of information together is like building a panoramic shot from smaller snapshots.  I'm recreating something with a larger scope, a broader meaning, with fragments of things that are ornate, textured, and specific.  I like this process!

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