Monday, May 14, 2012

The Important Business of Life

It's May 13 2012, Mother's Day.  I took a long walk in the afternoon sun today and it refreshed my spirits.  I also wrote a short memoir about my mother.   I am currently developing it into a comic.

This week I found out about creamsicle, started following Mara Wilson, and supported Kazu's Daisy Kutter reprint kickstarter.  The work week passed relatively painlessly, and I drew quite a bit of silliness.  Oh yeah, I also started designing Kadunka K!

I read a bit of RASL, and BPRD, and Children of the Sea, and Wormworld Saga which are all excellent. 

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I spent some time reminiscing about the recent past, pulling up old blog posts, trying to wrap my head around the timeline, and trying to add information to it that I wasn't aware of at that moment in time.  I'm a little obsessed with this, trying to piece together fragments of a narrative.  I'm completely consumed with trying to resurrect all those lost, forgotten details trying to understand how those ancillary things hover in and out of our consciousness sometimes shaping the landscape of our perception.  How is it that they sometimes exist for so long without notice, and then suddenly become the center of attention, or go the reverse perishing into the dark corners of our memory?

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RIP Maurice Sendak

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