Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Firework Ironman Internetship

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I spent a good chunk of the afternoon catching up with Ian Andersen's Citric Comics.  I realize that I am living a parallel life with Ian, and have reaffirmed that I want a dog friend to keep me company.  I only managed to clean out my car this past weekend as the junkyard is pretty busy with a labor day sale to come and tow it.  Natalie of bakeanddestroy started following me so I am giddy as a little girl!  I got to stream with Amb0rg also, and I am excited for Punked! to go into production.

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This was the week of Clint Eastwood acting crazy at the RNC, Rob Liefeld going Charlie Sheen on some comics editors, the first Arabic-American Green Lantern, and the Curiosity turning on it's camera.

I started out the week trying to draw an Alcatraz thing for my friend.  Then I got sucked into Marlo Meekin's pet project:  my earliest memory.  I had also caught a stream with amb0rg while she broke down some panels for her Punked! comic.  I spent some time trying to figure out how and when I started following lalage (Hwei Lin Lim), whose work has really been making the rounds lately. Also check out Nathan Fairbairn.

I haven't had a chance to settle down and read some comics lately, but I was talking about them with my friend Vince for a while.  I had to put Gravity Falls and Breaking Bad on a checklist this week just to get myself to settle down and watch them.  And I only finished Sword of the Stranger because I tricked my friends into watching it with me.  Sadly I never got around to Prophet, Glory, and Flex Mentallo as I had planned.  I did dream up a bunch of crazy ideas, such as a Happy Days X-men mish-mash, a what if story starring Pig Pen and Dusty from GI Joe,  and a parody of Breaking Bad involving a skit by Pablo Francisco.  This is what my imagination has been doing during the grueling hours of my 4 day work week.  Sigh.  Can I win the lottery already?  I want to take a sabbatical into comics, movies, anime, tv shows, and books.  Also how do I convert my unpaid internet internship into a paying job? 

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